Confirmation Class: Wednesday, January 27th

Parents' Weekly Class Summary and Assignment Sheet

This Sunday after Sunday School: 8th Graders take Test on the Lord’s Prayer

Next Wednesday: Third Part of Baptism & Bring a Rough Draft of Book Report

Class Objectives                                                                 

The confirmand should understand that (1) Baptism cleanses us from our sins, (2) gives us new spiritual birth (regeneration), (3) and does this by the power of God's Word and Promise which he attaches to the water.

Points to be Made

  1. God comes to each of us personally through the means of grace.
  2. A means is a way something gets from one place to another.
  3. God's grace is his undeserved mercy toward us – which is chiefly shown by Jesus' death for us on the cross.
  4. This grace gets to us through the preaching of God's Word, Baptism, Absolution, and the Lord's Supper. These are the means of grace.
  5. The means of grace often go by the somewhat more detailed description: Word and Sacraments.
  6. Baptism is the first means of grace that comes into our life. It is the new spiritual birth that God gives through water and the word by the power of his Name.
  7. "Baptize" is a Greek word, it means "to wash." Baptism therefore may be done by sprinkling, pouring, or dunking.
  8. Baptism is God's gift to us, it is not our promise to God. It is God's work, not ours.
  9. We need this gift because we are born sinful and out of a right relationship with God (original sin)
  10. Baptism gives us the forgiveness of our sins. (Acts 2)
  11. Baptism gives us the Holy Spirit (Act 2)
  12. Baptism puts us in Christ. (Rom 6)
  13.  Baptism is God's way of bringing people into his kingdom. It is a mystery how this takes place, but we take God at his word.
  14. Baptism is to be given to children because Baptism is God's gift, not the work of our intellect or strength.  Infants also are born with original sin and thus need the grace of God in Holy Baptism.


Law               Shows Our Sin

Gospel           Shows Our Savior

Repent           Recognizing my sin as God  has shown me from His Law

Faith              God’s gift of Jesus from the  Gospel Holy TrinityThe Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who is the one God.

Incarnation    Son of God took on human flesh and became man.

Means of Grace(or Means of Holy Spirit) The “tool” the Holy Spirit uses to give Christ to us

1. Pray the Parish at Prayer daily

2. Learn by Heart: How can water do such great things? Draft of book report.

3.  Turn in Sermon Evaluation after the Sunday service                 

4.  Attend Sunday School

5.  Bring Bible & Catechism to Weekday School


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