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St. John Chrysostom is commemorated today.

St. John Chrysostom is commemorated today.

New Testament Reading: Romans 15:14-33

Hymn: LSB#566 By Grace I'm Saved

Commemoration of St. John Chrysostom, Preacher

Given the added name Chrysostom, which means "golden-mouthed" in Greek, St. John was a dominant force in the fourth-century Christian Church.  Born in Antioch around AD 347, John was instructed in the Christian faith by his pious mother, Anthusa.  After serving in a number of Christian offices, including acolyte and lector, John was ordained a presbuter and given preaching responsibilities.  His simple but direct messages found an audience well beyond his hometown.  In AD 398, John Chrysostom was made patriarch of Constantinople.  His determination to reform th church, court, and city brought him into conflict with established authorities.  Eventually, he was exiled from his adopted city.  Although removed from his parishes and people, he continued writing and preaching until the time of his death in AD 407.  It is reported that his final words were "Glory be to God for all things! Amen."

The Writing

"He gave Himself a ransom," he said, how then was He delivered up by the Father?  Because it was of His goodness.  And what does "ransom" mean?  God was about to punish them, but He did not do it.,  Theyer were about to perish, but in their stead He gave His own Son and sent us as heralds to proclaim the cross.  These things are sufficient to attract all and to demonstrate the love of Christ.  So truly, so inexpressibly great are the beefits that God has bestowed upon us.  He sacrificed Himself for His enemies, who hated and rejected Him.  What no one would do for friends, for brothers, for children, that the Lord has done for His servants; a Lord not Himself such a one as His servants, but God for men, for men not deserving.  For had they been deserving, had they done His pleasure, it would have been less wonderful.  But that He died for such ungrateful, such obstinate creatures, this it is which strikes every mind with amazement.  For what men would not do for their fellow-men, that has God done for us!

Writing from John Chrysostom, Homilies on First Timothy, Homily VII.




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