The Beatitudes are Gospel (not Law)

Who is Jesus?  In our Sunday morning Bible study we are learning from Matthew's Gospel to answer this question.

The Beatitudes are blessings.  These are Gospel gifts.  Jesus is not a new Moses come to improve the Old Testament Law.  Jesus is the Savior who fulfills the God's Law that you might be saved from the accusations of the Law.

You have been given these blessings.  They are not if - then statements such as if you are poor in spirit then yours is the kingdom of heaven.  Rather, since you are poor in spirit heaven is also yours.  

Jesus is in heaven.  Wherever Jesus is there you will find heaven.  There is no heaven without Jesus.  A place without Jesus is properly called hell.

If Jesus is on earth then heaven is also on earth because Jesus is always in heaven.

Jesus is on earth to bless us.  He speaks his law and we are poor in spirit.  In this repentance, by grace through faith, heaven is yours now.  Now and not yet.  Now by faith in Jesus' promise.  Then in the resurrection full revealed and experience.  No eye has seen nor ear heard the wonderful things your heavenly Father has prepared for you.  He has prepared Jesus for you.  Jesus is your glory.  Blessed are you, thanks be to God.




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